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We use proven methods to help patients recover from addictions and maintain healthy and balanced lives moving forward.

Medication-Assisted DetoxGroup therapy
It is often best to use medication to help individuals with addiction begin the recovery process and get back to a normal and balanced state of mind. This type of treatment helps a person stop focusing constantly on having the drug and helps decrease withdrawal and craving symptoms.

Group and Individual Psychotherapy
There is substantial evidence that group therapy is important for individuals in recovery.

Addiction can, and often does, lead to mental illness. Mental health disorders also lead to addiction when individuals self-medicate for depression, anxiety and other issues. We provide treatment for depression, anxiety, mood disorders, psychosis, and other mental health issues through counseling and the use of psychiatric medications when appropriate.Young man talking to psychologist

Primary Care
We provide complete primary care for our patients who do not already have a primary care physician. This includes annual exams, gynecological care, treatment for diabetes, hypertension and other common health conditions.